Monthly Archives: June 2010

Back Happy Father’s Day! – Stroller Hikes Newsletter (1)

When I think about the time that we spend together as a family, food (ah that topic so close to my heart) and hiking are what come to mind first. As for food and quality family time, each night we sit down at the dinner table and eat together. As for hiking and family time, […]

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BABY FRAZIER IS HERE!!–Stroller Hikes Weekly Newsletter (1)

ANNOUNCINGÂ…the arrival of Holly Marie Frazier to our very own Debbie, Andrew, and Max. Holly was born yesterday (Thursday) morning! Our heartfelt wishes of joy, fun, a sense of humor, and rest go out to them. We all look forward to meeting Holly and sharing in the Frazier family’s joy. I’m sure more details will […]

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catchy title – Stroller Hikes Newsletter (1)

Blah blah Tuesday, June 15th at 4:30 PM join Pippa and Ruth at the Palo Alto Baylands Duck Pond, for a slow-paced loop around the pond. We’ll see lots of birds and airplanes landing at the airport. It is often windy, so please bring a sweater. We will be encouraging the little ones to walk, […]

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