Monthly Archives: September 2010


Allison sent a request this week for location ideas for her son’s birthday party. She wanted to do an adventure hike to the theme of Star Wars. How cool! Although a thoroughly moist place similar to Yoda’s home eluded us, it was fun to think about Stroller Hikes in a different light, with a theme […]

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Hands On

When we were kids, “Reach Out and Touch Someone” was a catch phrase for a telephone company, when, ironically enough, physical contact could not be achieved. My mom, sister, and I used to tear up at the holidays during those commercials, with grandma on one end of the phone telling a grandchild to wrap herself […]

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Teach a (Wo)Man to Fish

My husband and I each have Bucket Lists. A lot of people think this is rather silly or vain, but we like our lists because they sort of keep us on track, just like a shopping list keeps you from straying down the wrong aisle at the supermarket. Bucket Lists are typically lists full of […]

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