Monthly Archives: April 2012


The title of this week’s newsletter has three meanings for me – there’s the animated “yo” of hyped up rappers on MTV, “yo” as in “yo kylla” which means something like “yes, of course” or “yes, yes” in Finnish, and it’s also the first syllable of the most impressive National Park I have ever been […]

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Earth Day

    It’s Earth Day tomorrow, a holiday that surprisingly few people know about.  Earth day began in 1970 in the United States, as government and social interest grew in creating a sustainable, healthy environment.  Since then, related annual events like Bike-to-Work Day have emerged, that embrace similar goals.  You’ll find festivals in most cities […]

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Pudding April 7, 2012

A year ago, Melissa, one of my Stroller Hikes pals, invited our family to join hers at a Bear Valley cabin. Melissa described the weekend of power outages, toddler fights, and dreary cabin fever as “pudding.” It was an experience, positive at times, but overall simply coined as “an adventure,” and we at minimum gained […]

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