Monthly Archives: December 2014

Out of the Ordinary

For many families, like mine, the last two weeks of the year are a time when the regular routine gets thrown out the window and is replaced with celebrations, traveling, unusual sleep patterns, different eating habits, new climates, and other disruptions. Some of my children thrive on this out-of-the-ordinary time: for them, variety is spicy, […]

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Riding the Pineapple Express

Although “Pineapple Express” sounds like a fruity and fun ride at a tropical amusement park, it’s actually the nickname for the huge rainstorm that hit California over the last few days. Despite the inconvenience of flooded streets and soggy mail, we had some fun jumping in puddles. Hope you all enjoyed the much-needed rain, too! […]

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No Bad Weather

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but hikers aren’t snoring. Although hike attendance is typically lower on rainy days, my children and I have had some of the most gorgeous and rewarding outings during wet weather. Admittedly, it takes extra effort on my part to get geared up and out the door when it’s raining, but I’m […]

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