As many of my friends know, I love playing badminton. Feeling the racket slice through the air to smash down a birdie is one of the greatest sensations I know, and my love for it has caused me to pursue this sport with outside training.

When I realized there was a badminton team for Monta Vista, I jumped at the chance to escape dreaded PE and still stay relatively in shape as well. Expecting a casual and low-commitment practice, I passed tryouts and joined the JV team.

However, I soon discovered that the team was entirely different than I expected. The “easy” practices I anticipated turned out to be grueling daily practices, which often extended to past the two hours we were required to do. The most dreaded aspect of all was the conditioning every Friday: burpees, push-ups, laps of bunny hops, and so much more…

However, I will always be glad I joined the team. Not only was I kept fit, I also made friends and irreplaceable memories only obtainable through pain and effort. The daily painful practices brought our team closer together, and soon I was able to laugh and joke with my teammates with every mistake I made, eventually even meeting up to play with them over the summer and breaks.

So if you or your kid is hesitant about joining a sport, don’t think too much: just try it! The memories and friends you’ll make from team are unforgettable, and irreplaceable.

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