Celebrating Progress

AnnualReportScreenShotStroller Hikes was born in 2006, and has evolved over the years from a one-woman show to what it is now – a community-driven endeavor with a staff of over 20 (23 in 2012). We celebrated the accomplishments of Stroller Hikes over the last year, at our annual Board Meeting on Monday, and today we release Stroller Hikes’ 2012 Annual Report, a summary of achievements, counts of events, participants, and dollars, and more. As a finale to the report, Stroller Hikes honors two amazing volunteers, one incredible donor family, and an exceptional intern (a new acknowledgement category the attending board unanimously voted to create). If nothing else, click and scroll through to see some photo highlights from the year.

And speaking of clicking through, visit StrollerHikes.com this weekend – we’ve changed it… a lot! We welcome your input about what you think about our more data-driven, community-minded approach. Comments can be sent to Debbie at strollerhikes@gmail.com. Here are some additional technical changes:

  • Newsletters no longer come from Vertical Response, and you’ll find their contents archived temporarily on the home page (StrollerHikes.com) as well as permanently at the website under “Newsletters.”
  • Polls will be completed through StrollerHikes.com.  If you’ve never taken a poll, this is how Stroller Hikes event leaders know to expect you at an event.  Leaders will now ONLY e-mail poll participants when events change, are cancelled, or there are special announcements about events, so be sure to use the poll, if you are planning on coming out for an event.  Remember that leader phone numbers are also listed in event descriptions, so you can follow up if you are running late or have a question about an event.
  • We will begin to accept and invite contributions from Stroller Hikers for photos, trail descriptions, and more.  Our new website should make it easy for Stroller Hikers to drag and drop content to share.  We’ll start be having current staff contribute, but always welcome additional volunteers!  If you’re interested in getting a hike in your area posted, please contact Debbie at strollerhikes@gmail.com.

We’re really excited about all of these changes, that have been many months in the making, and are still undergoing subtle improvements. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this possible, including Amity, Elia, Cori, Teela, Liza, Sneha, Sacheth, Vishnu, and Emily.

– Debbie (President and Founder), Holly (2), Max (6), and Andrew

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