Guidelines for Contributions

Desired Contributions is meant to be a FREE resource for parents and babies, with events that encourage group exercise as well as descriptions of hikes that can be used individually, any time.

Most hikes at occur in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it is our intention to broaden this scope to include other regions. We seek contributions from others, in order to broaden the range of most efficiently.

The hike must meet the criteria of, with special emphasis on it being:

  • Stroller-friendly (small-wheeled, jogging, or both)
  • Safe
  • At least 1 mile in length

Format of Contributions

All hikes at follow the same format, so any posted hike can be used as a template or example for generating a new hike’s description.

It is not necessary to generate the programming/markup code for making the hike into a webpage – any common Text Editor like MS Word, simpletext, or notepad can be used to provide hike details. These details should be listed in the same order as posted hikes, but beyond that, no formatting is needed.

Please provide written details that will be converted to icons, or the recommended route. For instance, write “jogging stroller, rolling hills, paved” and these terms will be replaced with icons by

Please address pictorally the attractions of the hike and the condition of the trail or trail junctions with digital photographs. Again, any posted hike at can be referenced for examples.

If it is not possible to generate a complete textual and graphic description for the hike, will happily receive the portion that can be completed.

Responsibility of Contributor

It is the responsibility of the contributor(s) to:

  • Present truthful descriptions and photographs of the trail.
  • Hike the entire recommended route to verify that it meets criteria of (see above).
  • Receive permission from any people photographed, for their image to be used on
  • Submit only their textual work and photographs (no plagiarism).

Editorial Right of

It is the right of StrollerHikes to edit the descriptions and photographs of submitted hikes. StrollerHikes will attempt to verify the hike described. The submitted hike will not be posted if it does not meet the criteria mentioned above.

Acknowledgement of Contributor

A contributor will be acknowledged on the webpage for the hike (s)he submitted. If the contributor elects to be anonymous, this must be specified when the hike details are submitted. If a person contributes several hikes, (s)he will be acknowledged on the StrollerHikes Board and Staff Page; will contact the contributor for a personal description.

As will be posting this information, once the hike is edited and posted, it gains the copyright of

More information / contact details

For more information or to submit a hike, e-mail StrollerHikes.

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