Space Shuttle

I remember growing up wanting to be an astronaut, and watching several launches or landings of the Space Shuttle (some more exciting or more tragic than others).  Yesterday was just as breathtaking as the others – not a launch or landing, but refueling this time, just about 1000 feet above my head!  The photo above is from Sue Larson, who snapped this just a few hundred feet from where I was standing.  You can tell from the proximity to a redwood tree in the photo how low it was.


I hope you were able to see this historic site this week, as the shuttle flew through several parts of the country, on its way to LA for storage.  


Even if you could not see this Endeavor (double entendre intended), you can see evidence of amazing endeavors every day!  


Marvel at the height of redwoods all over California – they create their own microclimates based on their use of moist air, height, and bug-repellant wood.  Marvel also at the amazing diverse terrain, flora, and fauna all over the Bay Area including the windy bay, grassy foothills, lakes and ponds, shady forests, and sandy coastline.  This week’s hikes take you to much of this: Ulistac hosts several little microclimates including bog, riparian, and grasslands; Ed Levin is a king of grassy hills, lakes, and ponds; Arastradero also hosts some hills grasslands, lakes, and ponds; and Seabright Beach has a wonderful, sandy beach.  Sabine hosts another bike/scooter ride in a week, so you can get your dose of baylands in a week!


And don’t forget your own endeavor… as you embarked into parenthood, you miraculously managed to create, nurture, and teach a little life – your child!  Mine keep taking my breath away, during events either exciting, tragic (rarely), or heartwarming.


Last weekend was a great celebration of Stroller Hikes as a personal endeavor of mine – photo below at the Birth and Family Fair as a little girl looks for bugs after doing the stroller slalom – we must have seen 200 kids on our obstacle course.


Have a great week!


-Debbie (President and Founder), Max (6), Holly (2), and Andrew


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