Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has StrollerHikes been around? was first published late in October of 2006.
  • How do I become a StrollerHikes member? is a free resource, so there is no membership fee. E-mail StrollerHikes to get a weekly e-mail of upcoming events. You can also look through events and come to any that appeal to you; drop in and stay for an entire event or leave as it suits you.
  • Does this cost money?
    StrollerHikes does not charge money for events, information, or membership. Occasionally, there are fees for parking or admission to parks or event locations, payable directly to the park or venue, never StrollerHikes.
  • Is this entire-family friendly? Are dads allowed? Do I need to bring a child with me?
    All family members are welcome to come to events, although some locations do not allow dogs or are not toddler friendly. Read the event descriptions or location descriptions to determine if dogs are allowed or if the location is toddler-friendly (for walking or crawling outside the stroller). Some locations are bicycle-friendly and event and location descriptions often note if a route is good for learning bike riders (for example on paved, two-lane paths). Expectant families are welcome to join us, even if baby is not yet born. The focus of this group centers around parenting, so attendees should be people who are parents/caregivers or are going to be parents soon.
  • Can I join you before my baby is born, while I’m still pregnant?
    Yes. StrollerHikes’ concept arose out of hikes shared between two pregnant moms; we welcome other parents who are expecting!
  • How fast and difficult are the hikes and runs?
    Pace and difficulty range based on the course and the needs of the group. It is expected that participants communicate any requests at the beginning of the hike or run. If the group must separate due to different paces or needs, pairing up of adults is encouraged. Usually the group reunites periodically for breaks, as needed (see below).
  • What if baby needs to nurse or needs a diaper change? Can I just catch up? Will there be places to do this?
    Each location’s hike comes with a list of icons to indicate availability of picnic areas, benches, and “sit spots” (meadows, tarmac, etc.) that are useful for stopping to tend to baby. In general, the group stays close enough together so that if a person needs to take a break to meet baby’s needs, the entire group will stop as well or agree to meet again very soon (as in the case of out-and-back trails). Most events include breaks at the half-way point of trail.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Hikes may be cancelled if the weather looks severe enough to be uncomfortable or pose a risk to participants. If you have e-mailed or called the hike facilitator, (s)he will contact you by phone (if you have given this information) or by e-mail, or will contact the whole group if that leader has ample notice of cancellation. Most events list a phone number for the event leader, so feel free to call if you have questions or are running late. Use your best judgement – don’t attend a hike if you think it poses a risk to you or your baby.
  • If I’m running late, how do I contact the hike or run leader to let him/her know?
    Each event listing includes a phone number for the event leader – please call this, if you are running late.
  • I want to host an event at a different time. Can I start my own event?
    Absolutely! If you would like to advertise it through StrollerHikes for one time or for repeating times, please e-mail StrollerHikes with your date(s), time(s), and location(s). If this will be a recurring and regular event, please specify. If you would like assistance hosting your hikes (another parent to lead some because you can’t guarantee your own attendance all of the time), request this and we’ll see if another parent can help.

  • I don’t live where events are being offered. Can I start StrollerHikes events in my area?
    Absolutely! It may require a little work to get your hikes published on, but you can certainly publish events (see the prior question) to get the ball rolling. When you’re ready to contribute your hikes, see Contributions Guidelines and we’ll see how we can help. We may also be able to outfit you with a first aid kit, provide training and guidelines for leadership, and more.
  • Are hikes flexible, or are they always at the times posted?
    Surveys are sent to the e-mail list of members periodically, when requests of new times are made, needs of hike leaders change, or seasons change. If you have requests, please e-mail StrollerHikes. Some events are farther from most members in the South Peninsula area, so travel time and traffic may require these events to begin at different times. All of our event leaders are diligent about leading the advertised events at the times listed.
  • What kind of stroller is best for the events?
    For runs, please bring a jogger or large-wheeled stroller with a non-pivoting front wheel (or pivoting wheel you can lock). For hikes, use the transportation device appropriate for the local conditions. All location trails include a list of icons to describe the features of the route. There are separate icons for baby carriers/backpacks, small-wheeled strollers, and large-wheeled baby joggers. Baby joggers will work anywhere where a small-wheeled stroller works, and baby carriers/backpacks work anywhere. For information on strollers and their features and limitations, see “Pick the Best Transportation Device for You, Baby, and the Trail” on the Suiting Up Page.
  • Where can I get a Jogger?
    StrollerHikes supports local businesses over large franchises; our local favorite is Sports Basement (in Sunnyvale and San Francisco), which sells a range of BOB Strollers in varying Jogger styles. If you are a StrollerHikes participant or member, mention the community partnership StrollerHikes has with Sports Basement for a 10% discount at the register. If you are not confident that you will use a jogger a lot or prefer to reuse existing joggers (a very eco-conscious decision!), check out Craig’s List classifieds for used joggers. For a brief list of features to look for, see “Pick the Best Transportation Device for You, Baby, and the Trail” on the Suiting Up Page.
  • What are the typical age ranges of babies at events?
    The youngest we’ve seen has been about 3 weeks. The oldest child has been school age. On average, babies are between 2 months and 2 years. Each outing has a particular focus, so you’ll find mostly toddlers attending Toddler Treks, a little older kids tackling the Backpacking-Bambinos and Bike-a-Hike events, and mostly younger children and babies at the Fast-paced stroller events. However, each event attracts a range of ages – considering siblings and the interest of the family.
  • How many people usually attend each event?
    The numbers of parents vary. On average, 3 to 6 parents attend each event, each with one or more children.
  • Are events toddler-friendly?
    Most events are toddler-friendly, and we include stops at play structures at the beginning and end or middle of each event, to accommodate them, when possible. Each location will include a warning if it is definitely NOT toddler friendly. Our most toddler-friendly events are called Toddler Treks.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    See the location description to see if dogs are allowed. This is specified under Attractions, Limitations, and/or the Recommended Routes. If your dog does not get along with babies or children or cannot be controlled easily, please leave your dog at home.
  • I love the idea of StrollerHikes. Can I help spread the word?
    Absolutely! Tell anyone you would like! You can find a flier at the Support and Donations page. If you would like business cards to pass out at your parenting class or business, please e-mail StrollerHikes.
  • Is StrollerHikes a business that makes money?
    No. When StrollerHikes was conceived, the goals were (1)to provide an informative resource for families that wanted to get outside and exercise with babies, and (2)to promote events where families could exercise and support one another in a social setting. Stroller Hikes is a 501-c-3 nonprofit educational corporation. All staff work for free and all expenses are paid for via donations from the community. Google’s Adsense feature is being used on most pages at the site and clicks on associated ads generate a little revenue. If you would like to support Stroller Hikes by volunteering or donating resources or money, please click on the Support Tab or click through the Donate button at the top of this page.
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