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WilderHorseThe summer season approaches which means more family outings and some of us are scrambling for ones that pair education with nature appreciation.  What’s better than a farm?  Xerry reached out this week to share an idea she thought Stroller Hikers would like, I’ve added one of my own, and there are, of course, some Stroller Hikes favorites.

There are Stroller Hikes events at McClellan Ranch / Blackberry Farm in Cupertino almost every week.  If you’ve ever visited, you know that the little 4-H Farm there is a hit with the kids, even if they cannot get close to the animals.  4-H is opening the farm up to the public every day at 10 AM, for the first 14 days of June – what a treat!  The Rolling Hills 4-H members will be out to show you around and show off some critters.  Xerry shared this special event, posted at Chatterblock (  Thanks Xerry!

I read about Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm several months ago in a community newspaper, and have been curious ever since.  No, they don’t raise domestic hummingbirds.  But they do raise chickens, produce, and grow hops to make their own beer.  They are a relatively new farm in the foothills of Cupertino, and Max, Holly, and I will be visiting them as we embark on summer #2 of “Summer Camp with Mom.”  (Sorry, though Summer Camp with Mom is bigger this year, it’s not yet scalable for all Stroller Hikers.  I do plan to share my successful projects, places, and plans, however, as we progress through 4 weeks of learning, exploring, and creating.)  Hollyhill Hummingbird Farm gives large tours on Saturdays, to folks that reserve their spots, so e-mail them at if you’d like to visit and learn more!

Stroller Hikes Favorites:

Ardenwood Historic Park (Fremont)

Bol Park (Palo Alto)

Hidden Villa (Los Altos Hills)

Picchetti Ranch (Cupertino)

Rancho San Antonio (Cupertino)

Wilder Ranch (Santa Cruz) — One of Wilder’s horses, in the photo above.

Got an older child, and want to assign some homework related to your farm visit?  There are many farms that we still haven’t posted to Stroller Hikes, but are definitely favorites in the area.  If your child can write or photograph, we’d love your take on other local public-friendly farms, so we can begin posting information for others.  For instance, San Jose’s Emma Prusch Farm still has wandering chickens and plenty of information about its farming history.  Contact Debbie at if your child would like to take on this assignment.  We are always open to other ideas, of course!

Happy hiking, visiting the critters, and discussing where our food is from!  (And don’t forget to wash your hands after petting the chickens.)

– Debbie (President and Founder), Max (7), Holly (3), and Andrew

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