Last week, I joined seven families on an enjoyable hike at McClellan Ranch. Along the way, we passed a playground, a volleyball court, and even a farm. The kids enjoyed the farm very much as they marveled at the baby lambs, the miniature garden, and the smelly but adorable pigs.

However, although the ranch held many attractions, what stood out to me the most were the new friendships that formed.

On the one side, there were the childrens’ friendships. For example, Gabe and Dillon, both three years old, became friends when near the middle of the hike, Gabe grabbed Dillon’s hand and announced that they were now friends. Since they were young boys, they competed for everything, from finding the park to using the playground zipline. This caused a lot of tension and finger pointing (literally), but no matter what happened, a hug and a sincere “I’m sorry” always did the trick, and they played together again.

            On the other side of the spectrum, there were the moms. The moms also formed friendships on the hike. From complaining about their children’s sleepless nights or sharing stories about their children’s longing to watch big kid movies, like “The Hobbit,” the moms enjoyed each other’s company as they bonded over their children and parenthood.

            Overall, on this hike, I realized that Stroller Hikes’ hikes are a great way to meet new people and form friendships. From Dillon and Gabe to the moms, everyone had an enjoyable time. After all, what better place to form friendships than a hike surrounded by the beauty of nature?

– Elia Chen (Stroller Hikes Intern of the Year 2012)

Photo at top: Three buddies on another Stroller Hikes hike at Rancho San Antonio (Cupertino/Los Altos Hills).

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