From the Field: Seabright Beach (Santa Cruz)

DolphinWatching While San Francisco and plenty of other coastal places get socked in with fog this time of year, Santa Cruz is well known for being bright and sunny by 2 PM. The last two weeks were sunnier a bit earlier – closer to noon, but the beaches get busy with picnickers, paddle boaters, surfers, yoga practicers, runners, and us hikers, by 10 AM. Melanie led us from the whale statue (perfect for climbing) just above Seabright Beach, to the lighthouse and back again, this week. It was a well attended hike – 4 adults and 5 kids ages 4 and under, and everyone had a blast watching a pod of dolphins (photo above), marveling at the waves, digging, running about and falling down (perfect on soft sand), and hunting for treasures. Join Melanie every Friday at 10 AM for this beach hike.

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