Hike at Rancho San Antonio

A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated the end of the school year with a sweet hike in Rancho San Antonio by joining Debbie on one of her Hill Runs at Rancho San Antonio. I hadn’t gone on a hike in quite a while, and this immersion into nature was a wonderful break and transition into summer.

Although I had difficulty locating the other hikers at first, we soon began to trek along the trail, surrounded by a golden expanse of plants, the blazing sun causing trickles of sweat down my neck. Admittedly, much of my focus was on the trail (attempting to avoid the dreaded dog poop!), but I also was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery (and occasional wildlife) and novelty of being surrounded by nature rather than by books in a classroom.

I loved talking to Debbie and Melissa, and their conversations about their children, interspersed with throwbacks, made me smile. I was reminded again by the great opportunities hiking provides for easy conversations and bonding. The children were also a great throwback to my own childhood and a delight. Watching them race down the hills and even sprinting with Max at the end gave me nostalgia, as I reminisced about my carefree, childish past (and even indulged in that side a little as I mingled with the children). I also loved how creative Debbie got with encouraging her daughter Holly to finish the hike, pointing at landmarks on the trail to race to until we almost reached the end, admiring and realizing the effort and creativity needed to raise children.

Overall, the hike was so much fun! It was perfect timing too: a well-needed respite from school and a fitting return to summer. If you’d like to experience the trail, visit the Rancho San Antonio Trail at http://strollerhikes.com/location/rancho-san-antonio/ (but beware of parking!) I attended the Hill Runs at Rancho San Antonio, which are currently unavailable during the summer as Debbie and Melissa are both traveling, but will possibly return during the school year, so keep an eye out!

Happy hiking!

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