Hike Into 2012

Blowing dozens of wishes at Picchetti Ranch

Blowing dozens of wishes at Picchetti Ranch

Over the years, I’ve noticed that less and less adults make resolutions.  Perhaps it’s because there is no need to reinvent oneself, or that one has recognized that making lofty goals is rarely fruitful.


I went a couple years without resolutions, but made one last year, partially prompted by the need to be more financially smart, to carefully plan to best serve my family, and to live a little greener.  My resolution?  To not throw food away.  To not do this, I needed to DO several things: plan out what to eat and cook, learn how to use, store or reuse food, and shop a little smarter.


The results?  For the first time in a long time, I can say I really met my resolution.  I learned how to cook greens from those I used to throw away (i.e. beet greens) to those that ultimately rotted due to the tremendous volume from our CSA – cooking down the greens makes them easy to introduce into almost any savory dish, and kale is delicious raw with a soy-lemon dressing.  I practiced prioritizing what to use – leftovers made it front and center in the fridge and top of the list in my food planning menu, so nothing lasted more than a week before it was gobbled up in some form or another.  Soft veggies were eaten before hard ones, and those that would last (squash) got the lowest cooking priority.  Those leftover mini-pumpkins from the Stroller Hikes Halloween Party even got roasted and made divine pumpkin pie filling, pumpkin biscuits, and pumpkin bread!


So what’s this year’s resolution?   Use less plastic/create less trash and maintain good habits in nutrition, exercise, and time management.  I realize, as many of you do, that having a family is HARD.  We’ve all laughed when someone has assumed that it would be quick to get those little things done for kids.  But it’s hard to keep up!  So as my kids grow older and develop their own social commitments, hobbies, and interests, I want to fit it all in, without deprioritizing myself, breaking the bank, or stressing out.


That’s where Stroller Hikes has come in, and those of you who have been Stroller Hikers for a while have seen it evolve.  We used to hike at least once per week, then Toddler Treks began when Max started walking, followed by Backpacking Bambinos when Max grew interested in overnight backpacking trips.  Now we’re enjoying rock climbing.  What’s next?  We asked Max tonight, after watching the ball drop in New York City, what was in store for 2012.  He shrugged.  Just like the wide open world on a hike, even along a trail known well for being trod by the same little legs dozens of times, the world is his oyster.  We’ll see in what form the pearl reveals itself, as 2012 unfolds.


See you on the trails!


-Debbie (Founder and President), Max (5), and Holly (1)


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