Bluff and Grove Loop

The hiking here is wide and smooth, with some roll to the hills, but this is quite reasonable for a jogger provided that you only use the jogger on the hiking trail, and not for beach access. (The main beach access from the parking lot is so close to the lot that you may as well leave the jogger there; a very short steep section down to the creek makes jogger use impossible. The beach access at the South end of the hiking loop is CRAZY steep and long, making jogger use here impossible.) Begin the hike at the corner of California and Lake Street, across from the parking lot bathrooms. You’ll notice a bridge for crossing the small stream there, with the only other noticable bumps for navigating a jogger.

Just after crossing the bridge, the trail forks. Take the right fork to loop beginning with the bluffs, or fork left and begin in the groves. If you take the right fork, hike uphill a bit to the beautiful bluffs, with a couple options for circling about (we veered right). Take in the views up here, looking for larger marine life like seals and sea lions below. Continue down the trail to enter well planted groves (the rows of trees and oddly placed palms hint at design to the planting, plus you’ll see evidence of an old house here). Notice the bleached bark of the trees that add to the serenity of the area. Continue until the trail ends at a neighborhood trailhead, where you’ll also see very steep beach access (be careful if you decide to try it). Turn back along the second trail that begins here, closer to the residents. You’ll pass through some lovely vegetation, eventually meeting back up with the initial bridge. Total loop is about 1.7 miles.

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