Lookout Trail Loop

This loop allows you to explore most of Lookout Trail and visit the Poet’s Walk, a long series of steps, and the Lookout Point, a scenic viewpoint that overlooks the Bay Area. Along the way, you might meet some animals, which include squirrels, raccoons, and most commonly, birds (there are many birdhouses on Poet’s walk and next to the amphitheater). Also in the winter, you will find a beautiful, small creek flowing through the park.

 Begin at the amphitheater where you will notice a series of steps leading up on one side. Climb up these steps, and turn right. Head to Lookout Trail, which will be clearly marked. Eventually, you will reach a bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge, climb a short series of steps. Keep on the trail until you reach the Lookout Point junction. Turn right and follow the trail until you reach Lookout Point. Retrace your steps until you reach the junction again. Then turn left until you reach Redwood Trail. Take Redwood Trail and turn right when you see another intersection. There are restrooms and a water fountain at the amphitheater.

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