History and Mission


MaxNMomDebbie Frazier has spent much of her life outdoors, exercising and enjoying nature. When wee Max was born in 2006, Debbie’s life was turned on its head as she went from full-time high school teacher to a full-time stay-at-home mom. Along with the steep learning curve for what it is to be “mom” and a dose of post-partum depression, Debbie felt isolated from her world prior to motherhood. She wanted to get outside to hike, but hesitated to venture far with a newborn. Invitations to others to join in for a hike led to StrollerHike’s creation; parents wanted to learn where/how they could hike and run with babies if they could not join Debbie and Max, and Debbie wanted to extend her hiking invitations to a broader audience. StrollerHikes.com went live in October of 2006.

StrollerHikes was created to make public baby-friendly hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area. At StrollerHikes, you will find fully described hikes including extensive photographs of hike attractions and trail conditions, information about exercising with babies including safety precautions and equipment advice, and other outdoor information.

Free events occur every week! Parents can come out to StrollerHikes events to meet others, get some advice about getting in shape post-pregnancy, develop an informal support group for parenting, get some exercise, and get outside to enjoy the amazing open spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area. All events are led by a volunteer and there are no fees to join; do be aware of some parking and park admission fees at some open spaces and parks. Events are open to the general public; there is no “membership” required, though some parents choose to sign up for weekly e-mails about upcoming events.

StrollerHikes became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2008. It continues to offer education to parents and outdoor opportunities for families in the San Francisco Bay Area, in accordance with its mission, aligning with its Business Plan.


The primary objectives of StrollerHikes are:

  • to provide education for the general public through an informative website about hiking, running, biking, swimming, and other outdoor activities for families with children in strollers.
  • to promote healthy choices for families, with an emphasis on building an appreciation for nature, health, and fitness.
  • to directly engage in and to provide opportunities for others to engage in hiking and other outdoor events for families with children in strollers.
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