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Holiday Blessings

I’m logical, cautious, but at the same time, love to play the idealist. All of these notions have been conflicting for several months now… stress I would never desire on anyone else. Happily, all of the issues that have plagued me for the past while have come to a head, and all is right in the world.

Max will be welcoming a baby sister in mid-June of 2010, if all continues well. (I got an early holiday gift this year.)

I really am not much of a bragger, but new babies change everything. A new set of eyes, fresh to the world, means a new perspective, an untainted way of seeing things. And more for the village that raises that child to be wary of, which means reflection on how we live, and ultimately, progress.

So much came out of little Max joining our lives – from discovering new joys and potentials, learning so much about biology, psychology, relationships, and learning, and a new business (Stroller Hikes) with so many new friends, places, and experiences! What comes next?

This year, I openly embrace the new year, more openly than ever before, not just because I carry physically twice the souls and bodies I did last year, but because of what Stroller Hikes and its partners have brought to my attention. We will continue to strive towards progress in getting families outside to explore nature together, exercise, meet others, and become better educated about health and the environment.

In the spirit of giving, please consider making a service or financial donation to Stroller Hikes today. The organization is entirely volunteer-run, and new event leaders are welcome for monthly, bimonthly, or weekly events. Please reply to this e-mail if you’re interested in helping out. If you would like to make a financial donation, it is tax-deductable and can be made through the secure PayPal account associated with Stroller Hikes. Just click on the orange “Donate” button at

This is the last e-newsletter of 2009; you can expect a new one after the New Year Weekend in 2010. Loren resumes her hikes on January 5th – at a new spot to match the new year! We’ll keep you posted! A lot of events will resume in February, once it warms and lightens up.

Here are the next few weeks of events:

Saturday, December 19th, at 10:30 am join Bike Buddies for a Family Friendly Bike Ride through downtown San Carlos. The ride will last up to an hour. For more information, see’s Website (

Tuesday, January 5th at 9 am Loren and little Angelo will lead a hike at a location to be determined. If you’re running late, call Loren at 831-227-6737.

Happy holidays everyone!

-Debbie and little Max (and wee “peanut”)

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