Inspiring Hikers

When I hike, I’m amazed by the incredible diversity of the people around me. Even with more difficult hikes, there isn’t one stereotypical hiker; there’s always a mix of people, some of whom I would never expect, some of whom are experienced hikers families and children.

But what amazes me most is their determination. Even while hiking Mission Peak, a hike that made me want to turn back many times, I would see families, children and the elderly, who somehow had the stamina to take that next step, to keep going, to finish the hike. And even when they were clearly struggling, they would refuse to turn back, remaining optimistic and enthusiastic.

I will remember one experience clearly during that hike. Halfway through the hike, I passed an elderly man struggling through a particularly steep hill. Although I gave him an encouraging smile, I could almost guarantee he would turn back soon, but would in no way reach the peak. However, as I began to return from the peak I encountered him again, less than a hill away from the final location. I will never forget my shock as he continued to take step after step, faltering slightly at times but never looking back. How could this man, who was struggling after a mile of hiking, hike three miles and still keep going? What drove his determination and seemingly never-ending stamina?

These inspiring sights and hikers definitely motivated me to keep going, take that next step and not give up myself. And the next time I hike, it won’t only be for the hike but the uplifting experiences and sights I see as well that continue to amaze and inspire me.

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