It’s The Journey That Counts

As summer draws to a close, I’d like to reflect on one of my most enlightening outdoor excursions this summer – a jog with a friend to Hunter’s Point, around a 3-mile run from my house. Although I have engaged in light jogs of around a mile in the past, a 3-mile run was definitely a stretch, but I impulsively told myself it was time to try something new.

But boy was I in for a ride! One mile in and my calves were already burning, my mouth furiously gasping for breath with every step, sweat trickling down, everywhere. I felt instant regret at yesterday’s impulsive Brenna, but beared with it, telling myself “one more step” every step of the way. But when we reached the two steep hills leading up to Hunter’s Point, I gasped and acknowledged that it was impossible for my shaky legs and out of shape self to run up that hill, submitting myself to walk the hill. In fact, even hiking up that hill was difficult, and each step into the sandy ground I burned for air – and ice cream. But I told myself, “Could I really quit now?” And step after step, foot after foot, hill after hill, I climbed to the peak, the long-awaited Hunter’s Point.

We arrived at sunset: a beautiful pink ombre with streaks of orange, clouds amicably drifting by with a light breeze. We gasped in awe at the view of Cupertino: cars seemed to move in slow motion, people appeared dots and buildings insignificant. And I smiled: it was a painful journey, but the sweat, dirt and grit needed to complete this run – and to hike that last hill – made the view so much more enjoyable than if we had drove up here; it was the journey that made the end result so much more meaningful.


Later I learned this run was deemed “Fire Run” by some of my cross-country peers due to the fiery pain it caused in their calves, which only boosted my pride in myself for at least completing – although not running – the whole journey, and witnessing an incredible sunset I would have missed out on if I had chose my sedentary couch-potato lifestyle that day. I’m incredibly appreciate of my friend for inviting me on that run, my impulsive self for taking on that challenge and nature for allowing me to witness such a beautiful event.

To experience a hike or run similar to mine, take the trail to Hunter’s Point from Prospect Road at

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