Leadership, Contribution, and Marketing Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Stroller Hikes is entirely volunteer run. Volunteer opportunities range from short-term and very part time, to long-term and full time. Some opportunities are at-home, and others are in-person. Not sure what you want to do?  See our Volunteer Tasks List for some ideas.If you want to take on something you see, or have ideas of your own, please contact us!

Leadership Team

Stroller Hikes has a 5-8 person leadership team that coordinates all things Stroller Hikes.  A summary of tasks performed by each member of this team guides the team’s work.  All tasks are linked to the mission of Stroller Hikes.

Hike Leadership and Contributions

StrollerHikes began with one person leading and facilitating all hikes, then blossomed thanks to the leadership and commitment of several parents supporting StrollerHikes’ mission.

Want to lead a hike or event? E-mail StrollerHikes to share your idea or attend a StrollerHikes Event and speak with a current hike leader. Volunteers are generally protected from liability via laws beneath the non-profit category of corporations as long as they volunteer within the parameters of StrollerHikes in a good faith effort, adhering to our guidelines.

Want to contribute photos and text for a new hike or other StrollerHikes feature? E-mail StrollerHikes to share your idea, and see the guidelines for contributions. We use WordPress, and can provide guidelines for posting in our database, something relatively easy for anyone to do, without a need for a programming background.

Spread the Word

Like what StrollerHikes is doing? Help spread the word! E-mail StrollerHikes to get information you can share with others. You are also welcome to post fliers (Trifold or Poster) for StrollerHikes.


Partner or Sponsor Opportunities

Do you think your organization aligns well with Stroller Hikes’ mission? Stroller Hikes has had several in-kind sponsors and partners since 2006. Contact Stroller Hikes if you have other partnership/sponsorship ideas.


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