Maybe tomorrow

“Maybe tomorrow,” I think to myself as I peer out the window. “It’s too cold outside, and the weather says it will get warmer tomorrow.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I think the next day. “It’s already 8 PM and it’s too dark outside. I might trip and hurt myself, and I can always run tomorrow.”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I think as I sit in bed, watching yet another Youtube video. “I’m just so comfortable, I can’t get up. Tomorrow, I promise.”

But when does that tomorrow ever become a today? When does this endless cycle eventually grind to a stop? When will I stop procrastinating and finally own up to my promises? Sometimes it’s so difficult to take the first step, the first act of bravery.

Today, I looked at the window, ready to make another excuse. But then I stopped myself “No. There’s no more tomorrow, just today.” And so I stepped out, ignoring the cold, the dark, the discomfort, and I took my first step.

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