Nature Wins

photo2 (2)A family of mountain lions has been getting a little too close to and a little too comfortable with hikers at Rancho San Antonio, one of our most-frequented hiking spots, so authorities have closed the park, and Stroller Hikes has rearranged our schedule accordingly. Last week, I went backpacking in some remote wilderness and found that much of the trail had been erased or rerouted by beaver dams, which meant my husband and I had to pick our way through various rivers and make our best guesses about which way would get us back on the trail. Both of these situations remind me that despite human attempts at taming wild things, nature still wins. But I am also reminded that humans and wild animals aren’t really opposing forces. We are all part of nature and I’m thrilled that my family can co-exist with families of beavers and mountain lions, even if we have to do some rearranging to keep everyone safe.


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