Running Trails

Running trails that are suitable for a Jogging Stroller require:

  • Flat terrain with gradual rolling hills
  • Well kept terrain without too many bumps and ruts
  • Wide trails (ideally twice the width of the stroller)
  • Wide turns (rather than tight switch backs)
  • Short trails that can be completed within the time tolerance for your child (usually less than 6 miles round trip)

Recommended Trails in the San Francisco Bay Area

See StrollerHikes’ Interactive Map to find runs by location! For every location you click on to get more information, icons indicate the trail and terrain conditions, as well as amenities in the area. Look for icons for paved or fine gravel / packed dirt trails, baby joggers, and other features you prefer (flat terrain, rolling hills, etc.). Visit Criteria for a Baby-Friendly Hike to see what features are evaluated.

Alternatively, use the Location Comparison Chart to skim for the criteria you are most interested in. Click on any location in the chart for further information about trail options.

You can also use the Find-A-Hike Tool to search for features you have an interest in.  All hikes are well described, so search for a trail that is “easy” (meaning flat) and is suitable for a “jogger,” as well as meeting your geographic and length requirements. Excellent running trails include Bay, Stevens Creek, Los Alamitos Creek, Los Gatos Creek, and Crystal Springs or San Andreas Trails.

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