Running Groups or Races

Running in Public Races

Bay2BreakersRaceMany runners enjoy entering races, as they provide a way to gauge running speed against others, compete against others, experience the positive energy of the running community, or raise money or awareness (if running for a charity). Beware that strollers and other wheeled equipment are generally banned from races. Contact races to ask about use of a Jogging Stroller prior to registration.

  • Liveright 5K in California (Stanford) allows strollers and kids. Race day last year was 11-11-06, and my son and I had a great time! Registration and donations benefit the Asian Liver Center and promote (among other things) Hepatitis research and education.
  • Jenny’s Light is a nonprofit shedding light on post-partum depression and perinatal mood disorders. You can join them early in the year (usually February or March) for a 5K, 10K, or 1K Kids Run. All runs are stroller-friendly, and they have a stroller-runner award category.
  • Fun Runs like Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, allow strollers, provided that they start the race at the back, alongside other people with wheeled devices like wagons.
  • Girls on the Run allows strollers and kids and conducts short races for charity.
  • San Francisco Dolphin South End Runners might be huge and old (founded in 1966), but it’s far from old-fashioned. The group puts on frequent, relatively small, family-friendly runs in and around San Francisco. Strollers welcome!
  • Tri-California offers a diverse range of events, from triathalons to running races, from huge to small, from gender and age-diverse to women-only. Tri-California offered free race entry to several Stroller Hikes mamas in 2011. Thanks Tri-California!

Running with a Group

Several groups exist that help runners set goals, improve, socialize with other runners, and experience new locations to run. Beware that many of these groups do not focus on picking stroller-friendly trails for runs. The following are groups that support mothers with and without strollers in running.

Running Groups for Moms with or without Strollers

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