Taking the First Step

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest.

This past week, after a week of unrelenting nagging and persistent hints from my sister, I finally gained the courage to take my first step outside for a run. Due to the frigid weather recently, I had spent most of my days the past week indoors, wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets and lethargy.

However, as I took that first brisk step outside that day, instantly blasted by a gust of cold air, I felt lighter, physically and mentally. As I began to run, I gradually felt a sense of freedom from my current responsibilities, as I was allowed to temporarily mentally disengage, simply focusing on the pounding of my footsteps and the brilliant scenery of my neighborhood.

Thus, despite my initial reluctance, after finally taking that first step outside, I ended up running for half an hour, and overall ended the run with a satisfactory finish and smile.

So go outside, take that first step outside, and explore your neighborhood, a nearby park or hike a small trail; perhaps it will end up above your expectations like my run did for me!

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