Toddler-Friendly Hikes Near Cupertino

For some, hiking is a great way to explore and push your limits; for others, hiking is simply a way to relax and tone down. For both, here are some toddler-friendly hikes near Cupertino:

  • Pichetti Ranch Open Space Preserve: This preserve contains several trails and is right next to the Picchetti Winery, so it’s easy to do a quick hike and then enjoy some wine tasting afterwards! The trails are well maintained, although very dusty; overall, it’s a nice place for a pleasant exercise or leisure hike. You’ll encounter beautiful scenery and possibly even some wildlife. For more information and possible hikes, visit
  • Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve: This preserve contains a farm called the Deer Hollow Farm with a variety of farm animals, which is definitely a bonus for young children. There is also a beautiful scenic spot called the Vista Point, where you can see almost the entire Bay Area. Although some hikes may be hilly, the hike is full of beautiful views of the hills and forests, the trails are surrounded by wildflowers, and lots of birds, insects, and other critters to enjoy with plenty of shade. The only downside is the preserve’s popularity; it is often difficult to find parking and the hikes are generally full of families and hikers. For more information and hikes, visit
  • Blackberry Farm: Although trails from Blackberry Farm may be short, the trails behind Blackberry Farm are a personal favorite of mine. The trails are also near the Blackberry Farm swimming pool, which is a popular recreational location for children. Stevens Creek Trail has a wonderful paved section from Blackberry Farm to McClellan Ranch Park. Few are aware of Blackberry Farm’s trails, so they are often emptier than normal trails. Enjoy the gorgeous nature and wildlife and visit the historical ranch nearby. However, some trails on Blackberry Farm can get narrow and encounter obstacles such as logs, so carriers and backpacks are recommended over strollers. For more information and hikes, visit
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