Watching a Sunset

We see it every day. A pink hue slowly settling over the horizon, occasionally speckled with golden rays peeking through, a last remembrance of the day before the blanket of dark pulls over. Yet we often overlook it, viewing it as mundane, unremarkable, unimportant, it’s constant presence simply a routine occurrence in everyday life.

Recently, on the way home, I witnessed an amazing sunset, and I started to think. “When was the last time I had witnessed a sunset?” And then my train of thought carried on: “When was the last time I had seen a sunrise? A full moon? Or even stars?” And it struck me: I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen stars.

And then I began to wonder why. I had plenty of free time on my hands, at least enough to take a few minutes out of my day. Yet I had not taken a few minutes to simply watch a sunset. I was so wrapped up in my daily mundane affairs that I simply forgot to be aware and to observe my surroundings, to just take a break from the hustle and worries and to just sit and watch.

And this is the sad reality for many of us. So wrapped up in our duties, worries, stresses, we remain oblivious to so many incredible phenomenons around us. So whether it be a falling leaf, a towering pine, or a sunset, I’ll make sure I don’t hastily turn away, focused on my next task. And next time I see a sunset, I’ll be sure to just sit and watch. 🙂

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