Weekly Stroller Hikes Events – Hot Hot Hot (1)

Hello all!

My, it’s hot outside! The heat has us sleepy and cranky – thank goodness for air conditioning, ice, and shade. When I visited Spain on my own in 2005, only the latter was easy to come by, to beat the heat. In the afternoon, when businesses shut down for siesta, the parks filled up with people wanting some cool respite, who didn’t have a nearby bed or didn’t want to sleep indoors where it felt hot without a breeze. I’d sit under a shady tree for hours, writing postcards, watching robbers “case” dozing tourists (I credit my watching on to be a deterrent to their presumed criminal activity), and taking in the local sights and sounds. In 2006, when Max was born amidst a similar heat wave, I soaked up siesta-time shade beneath redwoods (the ones at the Cupertino Public Library are particularly nice), an umbrella at the beach, or beneath oaks at local parks like Cuesta and Serra. I also learned to frequent the public libraries until noon when the air conditioning stopped working efficiently, then switch to air conditioned grocery stores and other shops – trying to track down cool was exhausting! If you’re on the quest for shade, and don’t mind camping out on a picnic blanket under a tree, consider Stroller Hikes’ Location Comparison Chart, where you can look for the amenities you need (like a sit spot, bathrooms, or cafes) and the shade you seek. To access it, click the second “Click Me” graphic on the Stroller Hikes website at www.strollerhikes.com. Want other beat-the-heat ideas? See some other ideas at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/StrollerHikes/message/18 including movie matinees and water play.

You’ll notice that Loren’s bumped her morning runs up to 8:30 AM from now on.

Here are this week’s events:

Monday, May 18th at 10 am join Amy L., Adelina, and Gibson for a hike down Stevens Creek Trail, beginning from Easy Street’s Creekside Park in Mountain View. Any stroller or carrier will work; the path is a lovely two-lane paved one. We’ll have the option of walking towards the bay or towards the hills (the trail has been extended through Mountain View). For the bay direction, the first and last quarter of this hike is well shaded, and we hope to have some bay breezes, in case it’s warm. For the hill direction, the trail is shaded for the majority of the hike. For more information about the trail or directions, see The Stevens Creek Trail Webpage (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/StevensCreekTrail/StevensCreekTrail.html). If you’re running late, call Amy at 650-207-6556.

Tuesday, May 19th at 8:30 am Loren and little Angelo will lead a mellow stroller jog around Almaden Lake and down Los Alamitos Trail. Meet at the water dragon by the big playground near the bathrooms and swimming beach in the main parking lot near the intersection of Coleman Avenue and Almaden Expressway. No dogs allowed! Jogging strollers are best, but this is an entirely paved trail, so smaller-wheeled strollers are also OK. Walkers always welcome! For more information about the area or directions, see The Los Alamitos Creek Trail Webpage (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/LosAlamitos/LosAlamitos.html). If you’re running late, call Loren at 831-227-6737.

Tuesday, May 19th at 1:30 pm Amy B. and her wee ones will lead a hike at Alviso Marina and Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge in Alviso. Come enjoy the range of birds, the Bay breezes (which kick up in the afternoon), and see the train! The boardwalks here are great for toddlers. Meet at the Marina Parking lot. Bring a carrier or a jogging stroller for wee ones. Sorry, no dogs allowed. For directions or more information about the area, see The Alviso / Don Edwards Page (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/Alviso/Alviso.html). Call Amy at 408-368-7161 if you’re running late. This is a Santa Clara County Healthy Trails (http://www.parkhere.org/portal/site/parks/) outing.

Wednesday, May 20th at 9:45 am we’ll hike at Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino/Los Altos Hills. We’ll do an almost entirely paved, flat path going to the farm, and possibly go past it. The road is perfect for trikes or bikes, if toddlers or young children want to ride. Any baby transport will work. Meet at the main lower parking lot at the water fountain in front of the bathrooms(just past the entrance, turn right, then follow the road until it ends). For more information or directions, see the Rancho San Antonio Page (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/RanchoSanAntonio/ranchoSanAntonio.html). Sorry, dogs not allowed. This hike is at least half shaded. Lisa and little Samuel will lead this hike. If you’re running late, call Lisa at 650-892-8678.

Thursday, May 21st at 4:30 pm we’ll meet for a Toddler Trek at Fremont Older in Saratoga/Cupertino. We’ll encourage toddlers to walk, run, and explore, and visit the “ruins” by the creek (happily in a lot of shade), before heading up to a viewpoint to see the rolling grassland and the valley below. Non-walking children should ride in backpacks or carriers. We’ll talk about seeds, with grasses as examples, and notice how seeds hitch a ride on socks with special adaptations. Dogs welcome. For more information about the area and directions, see Fremont Older Page (http://www.strollerhikes.com/Hikes/FremontOlder/FremontOlder.html). Meet at the Prospect Road parking lot. Call Debbie at 650-776-1082 if you’re running late.

Stay cool!

-Debbie and little Max

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